Three Facts to Know About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been in the limelight over the recent past. That is mostly because of the significant advancements in the field. It has the potential to transform all industries for the better. Many individuals have heard about AI but do not truly understand what it is or its impacts. Below are some interesting AI facts that can help you get better understanding.

Artificial Intelligence Includes Many Designations

Quite often, AI is used as an inclusive term to describe any computer system with the ability to learn. However, several specific designations, such as deep inference and machine learning, describe how computers are AI-enabled. For example, machine learning refers to when a computer parse data using algorithms, learns from the data, and makes predictions or determinations based on what it has learned.

Alan Turing Is Considered the Father of Artificial Intelligence

Alan Turing was an English mathematician, cryptographer, and computer scientist. He is considered the father of artificial intelligence because he developed the Turing Test in 1950. The test aims to determine whether a machine has artificial intelligence capabilities. However, the idea of artificial intelligence came way before Alan developed the Turing Test. For example, medieval alchemists believed they could transplant the human brain into an inanimate object to make it think like humans.

AI Will Not Result in Job Loss for Humans

One of the main concerns for most people is that artificial intelligence will render humans obsolete in the workplace by taking over all the tasks humans do. However, that is less likely to be the case. Artificial intelligence will instead create more job opportunities by increasing productivity and allowing for more work to be done. It will also positively influence everything in careers, ranging from how we develop skills to how we accomplish tasks.

From machines to search engine algorithms, it is clear that the AI landscape is getting broader by the day. The technical nature of this subject is also expansive. So the best way to get around this is to embrace AI conferences and any other resource you encounter.

9 Facts About Artificial Intelligence

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