How Artificial Intelligence Could Help You Sleep Better

Getting up to eight hours of sleep is essential for your overall well-being. That means spending about a third of your entire life sleeping. However, some individuals find it a bit difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep long enough. Sleep disorders or environmental conditions can cause that. Below are a few ways artificial intelligence can help such individuals sleep better.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors might seem like an old concept, but they still prove useful in improving sleep for both the baby and the parents. That is especially the case for the most advanced ones that use artificial intelligence. Such baby monitors can track parameters ranging from 8 month old sleep regression, baby’s movements, and temperature to the lighting of the room, humidity, sounds, and many other things. By automatically adjusting all elements, the monitor ensures the baby gets better sleep. The parents can also rest easy because of that.

Sleep Apps

You can currently download various sleep apps on any smart device, which will help you significantly improve the quality of your sleep. The most effective of such apps utilize machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to understand better the sleep condition you are dealing with. The data collected is then used to offer specific solutions to help improve your slumber.

Smart Mattress

There are many different models of smart mattresses available in the market, each designed to do different things. Some of the most advanced ones use artificial intelligence to detect and record sleep patterns, body pressure distribution, and sleeping positions, among other things. The data is then used to make automatic adjustments that ensure you get quality sleep.