Conferences to Attend When Learning Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to simplify almost all day-to-day tasks in every industry. The AI technologies also keep advancing so rapidly that it is quite difficult to keep up with them. One effective way to keep yourself abreast regarding AI is by attending AI conferences.

AI4 2021

The AI4 2020 is scheduled to run from August 17 to 19. It will be held fully on a digital platform, which comes with the convenience of not having to travel to attend. The conference will host data practitioners and business executives to discuss how artificial intelligence can be facilitated and adopted in various industries like healthcare, retail, finance, cybersecurity, transport, telecom, energy, and more.

AI and Big Data Expo Global

This conference will run from the September 6 to 7, at Business Design Center in London, UK. The conference’s main purpose will be to showcase the next-generation strategies and technologies from the world of big data and AI. It offers an opportunity to discover practical implementations of artificial intelligence in driving businesses forward.

International Joint Conference on AI (IJCAI)

IJCAI will run from August 21 to 26, in Montreal, Canada. The IJCAI is among the premium conferences that bring together the international artificial intelligence community to communicate the achievements and advances of AI research. The first IJCAI conference was held in 1969, and the upcoming one in 2021 will be on the 30th.

IntelliSys 2021

IntelliSys 2021 will be held from September 2 to 3, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, online. The renowned conference will focus on how artificial intelligence applies to the real world. It will be an international forum that brings together practitioners and researchers from different fields to explore fundamental interactions, roles, and impacts of artificial intelligence.